Friday, 30 April 2010

The camera never lies...

Check out Poladroid, so cool!!

Happy days! C x

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Where's your head at?

Aunty Beks and Max have the same Wii face!

I wonder who won?!

Happy Thursday, C x

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away...

Are you liking the dramatic title? I've got this thing going on at the moment, where I turn everything into a song title and spontaniously start singing! I think it's 'cos #2 son has picked up his guitar again and has been strumming about. Well, yesterday was a mixed bag, I went to Kim's for crafty shinanigans with Mum and Beks, and had a great time, but on the other hand my Hub's was on the first day of a 2 day interview, so I was anxious too. He felt very positive when he got home and said it went well and then as the evening went on, he kept remembering things that he would have done differently, had he the chance. I Had to tell him to forget about it and relax. Off he toddled this morning for more torture, and I am hoping for the right outcome.
He needs to know that if he doesn't get it, it's because it's not the right job for him, not that he isn't good enough.

Back to yesterday at our Scrapaholix group, I did these layouts.

I didn't think I would like these papers, but I enjoyed using them.
This is a picture of my Sis's bestie and her chap at our Christmas
party. My hubby did a fun photo shoot, there were wigs and silly props.
Sarah and Laurence had a portrait session not long ago, so are seasoned pro's.
He's either looking at her with a deep love in his eyes, or he thinks she's completely barking!
Which would not be far off the mark. Love you sarah! LOL x

Another song title!!

Me my sis and our eldest bro, Martyn. We were all lined up for a lovely shot
and Beki fell off the chair!
 Some would say it's 'cos she couldn't fit all her junk on,
Not me tho x

There's always one!
Is that not the best face?

Had to sneek my little birdie in somewhere.

If I knew you were coming, I'd have baked a cake.
(somebody stop me!)

Happy Birthday Ben! (for friday)

Happy Tuesday everyone C x

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Egg hunt and then I promise no more holiday snaps!

Peoples holiday photo's can get dull after a while, but I promise you these are very cute!

Eddie can spot an egg at 20 paces!

and he's as fast as lightning!

Quick Coco, before your brother gets there!

They found big eggs too.

Leah found one.

Where's the next one?

Girl power!

They had so much fun, Ed was hilarious, running from egg to egg,
I think he found most of them.
They had some large eggs at their Nana's caravan and
were so excited. It's fun having toddlers around again!
Happy Thursday, C x

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Look what Tracie is giving away!!!

Head over for a chance to win.

(3rd entry today, whats going on?!)

Passion for papertrey challenge

Thought I would join in with this one, looks like fun. C x

I used PTI Polka dot basics and Fancy Flourishes stamp sets
along with Raspberry fizz ink. Everything else is Stampin' up!.
Hope you like C x

This is my 2nd post, keep scrolling x

We do have kids....

... but they don't always like having their photo's taken! So most of our snaps appear to have a four legged friend in them. She is very photogenic, and is always with us, unlike Wes and Dan. However I was surprised at the amount of photo's with our little Collie in and felt a bit guilty, I am not one of those mad doggy women who thinks that she is my child, she just makes us laugh and likes being the centre of attention!

She loves her walks.

Her favorite place in the world.

She has no fear, she jumped 7 feet from one of these rocks!

A girls best friend too.

The best kind of Collie... asleep!

This is Dan by the way!! LOL
Happy wednesday, C x

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Happy birthday Jake

This little monkey is 13 today! Happy birthday to the cheekiest boy I know....lots of Aunty slobber xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A teenage dirtbag

The annual Dartmoor duck race...

This was always meant to be an annual event, and it was for the first couple of years. We all bought a bath duck each and decorated them in some very random disguises, ranging from Duckter Who, to Duck a l'orange and Ugly Ducky.

This one is from 2006, the silver one in the middle
is a duck roast!
We've not carried on this tradition for a while, but now we have
little ones around again, we revived the ducky fun.

Eddie, Coco and Leah waiting patiently.

And the winner is.... Everyone!!
 They did egg rolling later in the week, and were most upset
when they were told their eggs would break, I think it was Coco who didn't throw hers!

Will leave you with this lovely view, don't ask me which Tor it is, I 've only
been going there for 7 years!! Happy Tuesday C x

P.S. I think it's Pew, but don't quote me! x

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Twisted #3

It's that time again, the Twisted card sketch is up for team A and here it is:

The twist is 'Twill' any how, any way.
Here is my take, not my fave of all time, but still pretty!
Have used Stampin'up throughout, a PTI sentiment stamp,
 and a piece of pink twill
from my collection.

I hope you like it, pop over and check out the others, and have a go yourselves X
Happy Sunday folks. C x

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Dartmoor is doggy heaven...

 lovely, well behaved, placid, obeidient.
Belongs to my brother.

 Mad, naughty, obsessive, horribly cute.
Belongs to us.

Molly tolerates Stella, which usually means avoiding her at all costs,
this is very amusing!

Finally, she's tired!
Told you she was naughty, she's even poking her tongue out!!


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The camera never lies..

I cannot take credit for the holiday snaps that will be making an appearence
here in the next few days (unless stated)
This is the man who is seldom in front of the lens,
my Other Half, JB x

Yum x

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Holiday snaps....yawn....

I thought I would be posting pictures of rust and trench foot, thankfully I am not! We had a great time away, we go to Dartmoor every year at this time, usually to the same place, but this year we had an admin cock up and ended up staying about 10 mins away from the rest of the gang. It was fine because my lovely Brother and Sil changed their booking too and stayed next to us. We were in a gorgeous new caravan at the foot of Pew Tor, so walking the moor was easy.

Phew, I made it up Pew!
( I look really stern, not really, I'm just out of breath!)

 Thats my boy!

The leat between Pew and Barn hill, so pretty.
(Will post some pics of the duck race later on.)

One very happy Collie!

Wish we were still there. C x

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Coming home..

Have been on my hols this week in beautiful Dartmoor, hope you have enjoyed my posts. I would have posted pic's of us having a great time, getting wet, but hubbies iphone died before we left, so you had to put up with looking at my cards and crap instead!! This is the last scheduled one before we are home. My lovely friend Di lent me a couple of display racks for my cards, am hoping this will get them noticed a bit better, I have sold quite a lot, but when people get used to them being there, they tend to stop looking. So here goes nothing!

 Happy Saturday, see you later C x

Thursday, 8 April 2010

A few more creations.

Been having more fun with the Stampin' up, Stampin' around goodies. Here are a few more cards I have made, some were inspired by the Stampin' up catalogue.

this was inspired by Amy, the busiest SU! demonstrator ever!

from the catty all but.

Lush colours.

The bird is a new 2 step punch SU! have just bought out in their mini catty,
mine is on it's way, whoop whoop!

Using the Sanded backgroung stamp too, I like ths one.

Happy Thursday C x

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Just a couple 'o' pages.

I couldn't resist the new Crate paper Brooke collection. The lovely blues, greens and yellows were too much for me to resist! I had some photo's already printed, so got scrappin'!

It hurt to use this mant buttons!!

I love these glitter thickers.

This is Dan's new favourite phrase whenever he see's a pretty girl,
or there's intimate scenes on telly, he's soo 16!!
More gorgeous thickers, I have more than I care to say! I stamped on the butterflies with a PTI stamp, text style, an idea from Dawn McVey no less.