Sunday, 11 April 2010

Holiday snaps....yawn....

I thought I would be posting pictures of rust and trench foot, thankfully I am not! We had a great time away, we go to Dartmoor every year at this time, usually to the same place, but this year we had an admin cock up and ended up staying about 10 mins away from the rest of the gang. It was fine because my lovely Brother and Sil changed their booking too and stayed next to us. We were in a gorgeous new caravan at the foot of Pew Tor, so walking the moor was easy.

Phew, I made it up Pew!
( I look really stern, not really, I'm just out of breath!)

 Thats my boy!

The leat between Pew and Barn hill, so pretty.
(Will post some pics of the duck race later on.)

One very happy Collie!

Wish we were still there. C x

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