Friday, 19 June 2009

Time delay

I'm rubbish at this blogging lark, I have all the time in the world, and then my mojo runs out on me! Well the last few days have seen a glimpse of creativity, even if I have drawn inspiration from others it still counts. My first layout out my youngest son Dan, this has been a time of transformation for him. Over the last 2 years he has changed beyond recognition, people that went to his old school have walked passed him on the street! But what has struck me the most is how much he looks like me!! Poor kid!

I drew my inspiration from the brilliant Scrapbook trends magazine, and its designer Kim Hughes. I love its simplicity.
The next is a layout with some photo's that are a couple of years old. We stayed with Mum and Dad, in Little Dinham, not too far from Rock, in Cornwall. We went on a day trip to St Michaels Mount, it was a great day, and a really interesting place, not as impressive as its french counterpart, but well worth a visit.

The next is of my other half, Jon. He gets teased a lot for carrying a man bag, and being overly interested in his appearance, so any reference to 'camp' is picked up and exploited at his expense!! (he's not by the way!) This was inspired by my very talented little sister Beki, she was doing a similar layout on saturday, which I had to lift, fanks Babe!!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

abducted by aliens...

I am such a lazy blogger! Haven't blogged for so long, it's easy not to bother! Things have been busy, our eldest son Wes, was 21 last weekend ( I can't believe it!) so it was a crazy time cleaning the house ready for visitors. We had a pool party with with family and friends, and a bar b q back at ours after. Our present to him was a ticket to the Download festival at Donnington park, with his mate Ben. It's a weekend of music to make your ears bleed, well thats what they're hoping anyway! I can't believe where the time has gone, and that my little boy is a man, I wish someone had warned me how hard it would be! He's a great lad and I'm so proud of him, I hope life brings him great things. Here's to you my boy Mx

Me and wes 1988

At Burrowhayes 1994 ish

2009 with his favourite girl!
Love you Wes x