Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas goodies and Grandma's Gingerbread cookies

I've been busy in the kitchen this morning, I've made almond and orange pastry ready for my cranberry mince pies and have made these gorgeous soft gingerbread cookies, using the recipe that Julie shared on the Cosmo Cricket blog, they are gorgeous and the mixture made so many! These will be taken to kim's tomoro for our Scrapaholix day, can't wait!

I will ice some later and add edible glitter!

These are a few pic's of our festive decorations. I made this chap last year and I love him!

I was not going to pay £30 for one in town, so I came home, found a cardboard box and made up my own pattern, the wallpaper was leftover from my craft room.

Not the best picture, (daylight, what's that?)

One more thing I hope to impress Julie (Mrs Cosmo Cricket) with is my attempt at the yule log that she showcased this week on her blog. I loved it so much I emptied out a tin of Cocoa, and ran to the supermarket to buy a birdy. I used CC Nutmeg paper and glitter glue. Again the photo is a bit naff, but we are shrouded with fog today! Have a good one C x

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Day 8

Where is December going? So much to do, so little time! Had to go with Hubs to the hospital this morning, got there in good time, only to find he had not read the letter properly and we were at the wrong one!! We then had to leg it as fast as we could across Bristol, only to arrive 10 minutes late. His appointment was about breathing difficulties, so that little jaunt across the city didn't help! I couldn't be mad at him when he was sat there with his funny breathing mask on, I just made him promise me a nice coffee break on the way back. I feel so bad that he has to wear that thing every night, but am so desperate for him to be well that we have to put up with it. Hopefully in a few weeks he'll feel better and we can move on from years of broken sleep and fatigue.

Happy Birthday Chris! xx

Monday, 7 December 2009

Who lives in a room like this?...

Does anyone else have one of these disgusting creatures living in their house?

Crafty Christmas

For some reason, I've been feeling more Christmassy than I ever have before. I have made a journal, made my cards, hand made gifts, I have planned out menus and shopping lists down to the last sprout, and this masterpiece....

Well, if I say so myself!!
Very inspired by Natasja Verbeek, check out this amazing bouquet.

Photo quality not great, it looks like night time outside, no good natural daylight for us!! Have fun C x