Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Beautiful sunset

I couldn't resist trying to snap this last night, although I have since been informed, it's one of the most difficult pictures to take. Ho Hum! x

Twisted sketch #16

I thought I would have another go at this. I did one layout, which I thought was too literal to the sketch, so had another pop. I still feel that I've been a bit safe, but I like it all the same, it's a picture of my Dad and my Auntie in the early 50's. The twist is to use stickers, but am very thin on the ground as I'm not really a fan, but I do have an ever increasing selection of mini alpha stickers, so they'll have to do! I used American crafts foam thickers (hope they count!) and found a chipboard ( I know that won't!) poinsettia that I had heat embossed with my AC Zing powders to add sparkle, and lurking in my stash were some cute Paperchase heart stickies. Well here goes nothing! C x

Sunday, 27 September 2009

I'm too old for homework!

Well I've had my first photography class, we had to take pictures of others in the group and analyse them, I concluded that I don't have a clue what I'm doing! LOL, Well that's what I'm there for!
We had to go out this week and take pictures of flowers, I did, and with a little help from hubs, I am quite happy with the results. There has been a tiny bit of editing, mainly cropping, 'cause I don't have my eye in yet!! LOL C x

The Chrysanthemum at the Pultney weir park in Bath,

The Rose my Hub's gave me, in our back garden,

Oh and her Ladyship at Westonbirt Arboretum.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I had this old photo of me at 3 or 4, wearing my Nan's funky hat, well it was the 70's baby!! I stamped the clock and date with a lovely clear set I bought at go go storyteller on saturday, although I'm not actually sure if it was '73 or '74, don't suppose it matters too much. The photo's not great because it's a scan of the original. Talking of photo's, you should see an improvement over the next few weeks, as I start my digital photography class tommorow! Hope I learn lots. Well here's the layout, Cx

Monday, 21 September 2009

Category stories

I thought I would have a go at the Category stories challenge for the first time, after reading about it on Laura's blog. I would have struggled this time last week, but after the go go storyteller (and my stash shopping!), I feel inspired to create. My subject was Stella, our mad Collie, and how she loves to run. The challenge was to create a layout, starting with the inspiration 'as far as I can tell'... I felt, looking at the photo, that 'as far as I could tell...Stella loves being our doggy. C x

Friday, 18 September 2009

I {heart} Jamie, well his cheesecake anyway!

Have found recently that when I'm not so creative in my craft room, I'm more likely to be creative in the... Kitchen! LOL. I bought a copy of Jamie's America from the book people (bargain!) and am LOVIN' it. It has some odd recipes, using Alligator, but mostly stuff anyone can make. So I set about the NYC cheesecake as it's Jon's fave. Well, it's the best Lime cheescake I have ever tasted ( considering I can only eat the topping). He says to cook for 45-55 mins on gas 2 1/2, but I think 1hr 10 on gas 2 would be better, as mine is perfect around the outside, if not a little soft in the middle. I also feel that gas 7 for the meringue topping was a little high for my oven, 'cause as you can see it burned slightly. I did make a tiny gluten free version for me, with no base, so I didn't miss out. Am doing his BBQ sauce recipe tonight on pork ribs, with cornbread and other yummies. Well off now to colour and cut Mum's hair. See ya x

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Twisted sketch

I figure that if your mojo won't come to you, you have to go find it. With that in mind I went to the twisted sketch blog for inspiration. This sketch was different for me, not a circles girl usually, but armed with my Cricut (perfect circles everytime!) and the fabulous Cosmo cricket Earth love mini deck, I came up with this. Handily I happened to have these little photo's of my hubby being a big kid. later, C x

Go-Go Storyteller!!

Can't wait for saturday! Even tho my ability to be creative seems to have packed it's bags, I'm hoping that I will find it at Hanham Folk centre on saturday, when the go-go girls come to town.
9.30 til 7pm, 5 classes and some brilliantly creative ladies should make for a scrappin' good day! Have to pack all my equipment ready today, cause I'm doing Mum's hair tommorow.
Also, have got my hands on a copy of Jamie's America, his new cookery book to go with the series, fancy making the Red velvet cupcakes, although when everything has to be made gluten free, it's not as much fun, ah well, watch this space. C x

Monday, 7 September 2009

New beginnings.

That day finally arrived, 2 of my boys have gone back to school! One is the head master, so he had to go back! And the other my youngest son, beginning his final year of compulsory education. I cannot believe where the time has gone. His school career has been a tough one, having to leave his first school because of bullying, a year out being taught by yours truly, then starting all over again at a new school. This time he has to catch a bus at 7.15am into town and then walk for 1/2 a mile. It's not been easy, he still has some of his old fears, but his lovely girlfriend makes it all worth it. He could have had an extra couple of hours in bed this morning, but he chose to meet Hattie for coffee instead, SO sweet. Heres to you my boy, I'm so proud of you M x

It's gruesome, Grissom...

I love these pictures, we've had them a little while, but they make me laugh whenever I see them. Stella looks really guilty on the 2nd one, and tries to hide her shame on the 3rd!This used to be her loyal friend, the Flea.

You were so caught!!

Love that doggy! He he xxx

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Is that a pig I see in the sky?..

Probably, because I went to work today!! Yes for the first time since january I did an honest days work, LOL x One of J's secretarys will be out for a few days, and as it's the beginning of term, things are a bit mad. Just doing admin stuff, and again on friday. It feels good, a sense of satisfaction I've not had in a while. C x