Friday, 18 September 2009

I {heart} Jamie, well his cheesecake anyway!

Have found recently that when I'm not so creative in my craft room, I'm more likely to be creative in the... Kitchen! LOL. I bought a copy of Jamie's America from the book people (bargain!) and am LOVIN' it. It has some odd recipes, using Alligator, but mostly stuff anyone can make. So I set about the NYC cheesecake as it's Jon's fave. Well, it's the best Lime cheescake I have ever tasted ( considering I can only eat the topping). He says to cook for 45-55 mins on gas 2 1/2, but I think 1hr 10 on gas 2 would be better, as mine is perfect around the outside, if not a little soft in the middle. I also feel that gas 7 for the meringue topping was a little high for my oven, 'cause as you can see it burned slightly. I did make a tiny gluten free version for me, with no base, so I didn't miss out. Am doing his BBQ sauce recipe tonight on pork ribs, with cornbread and other yummies. Well off now to colour and cut Mum's hair. See ya x

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