Wednesday, 21 April 2010

We do have kids....

... but they don't always like having their photo's taken! So most of our snaps appear to have a four legged friend in them. She is very photogenic, and is always with us, unlike Wes and Dan. However I was surprised at the amount of photo's with our little Collie in and felt a bit guilty, I am not one of those mad doggy women who thinks that she is my child, she just makes us laugh and likes being the centre of attention!

She loves her walks.

Her favorite place in the world.

She has no fear, she jumped 7 feet from one of these rocks!

A girls best friend too.

The best kind of Collie... asleep!

This is Dan by the way!! LOL
Happy wednesday, C x

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  1. Lush pics especially the one of you and stella! xx