Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The annual Dartmoor duck race...

This was always meant to be an annual event, and it was for the first couple of years. We all bought a bath duck each and decorated them in some very random disguises, ranging from Duckter Who, to Duck a l'orange and Ugly Ducky.

This one is from 2006, the silver one in the middle
is a duck roast!
We've not carried on this tradition for a while, but now we have
little ones around again, we revived the ducky fun.

Eddie, Coco and Leah waiting patiently.

And the winner is.... Everyone!!
 They did egg rolling later in the week, and were most upset
when they were told their eggs would break, I think it was Coco who didn't throw hers!

Will leave you with this lovely view, don't ask me which Tor it is, I 've only
been going there for 7 years!! Happy Tuesday C x

P.S. I think it's Pew, but don't quote me! x

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  1. wow that is one fabby photo of the unknown tor X