Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Where did my babies go?

Hubby got these cute little fellas out of the loft a few weeks ago for a photo shoot, and it made me all nostalgic. I kept picturing my boys (21 & 15) as toddlers and how much they loved Red Ted and Floppy Ducky, how Dan had Scott the Scotty dog when he had his tonsils out. I was really sad to learn that Wes had since disposed of Dertie Boggy, he loved him so much! It got me thinking of cuddling my babies to sleep in my arms, and wanting me when they were poorly, or hurt themselves. I have to keep reminding myself that I was once the most important lady in their lives! Just half an hour with each boy, at around 2 years old would be nice, just for a cuddle, to smell their young skin and have them fall asleep in my arms one last time. Is it just me?



Red Ted and floppy Duck


  1. Oh, gosh the memories.
    Mine are 20 and 22 now and my parents just found a tape of their voices aged about 1 and 3 it was fantastic to hear and to remember.

  2. how sweet :-) I especially love that last little guy...looks very well loved.

  3. Oh no, Clare! It's not just you! My children are 22 and 19 and yet it seems like yesterday that they were still dependent on me! I love all thold cuddlies you found...DD has taken hers with her to Uni (!!!!!!) and DS has taken his to the charity shop!!! But DD presented me with a Grandson last year, so now when I visit, I have a lot of cuddling to catch up with. Cheers! Irene from Shimelle'.

  4. You are definitely not alone Clare - check out my post here: and click through on the "this is why" link. My thoughts on being the mother of teens.

  5. Isn't it amazing how they can bring back memories?! Lovely photos :)