Monday, 9 November 2009

If I were a rich (wo)Man

People are always talking about dreams and goals, things they are working towards, a career, planning a trip of a lifetime, even emigrating. Not me. Sadly, at this point in my life (careering at high speed towards 40!) I have no dream. Well, apart from the one where I am able to get my kids through difficult times in their lives. Wes to get more work, get his car on the road, meet a nice girl... feel good about himself. Dan to find a really good mate, someone that understands the difficulties he's had changing from boy to man, and getting him through the pressure of GCSE's. I guess these are not bad dreams to have, and because of the turbulent times we've been through recently it's understandable that they are at the forefront of my waking moments.

So, what about me? Well, the other (day) dream I have is, What would I do if I won the lottery?(Come on, we all do it!) Don't get me wrong, I'm not a greedy person, I like to work out the minimum I would need to make life comfortable. After I have given a chunk to charity (action MD), I give a chunk to our church, this seems somehow to make it justifiable, then I start from the roof down.

Now we were led in bed a couple of months ago, listening to the rain pouring down outside, when we realised it wasn't just outside, but pouring in through our ceiling, He was in the loft at stupid o'clock with a bucket or 2 catching the drips. So that would be a priority. Then a few weeks later something similar happened in the kitchen, so to be minus a gaping hole in the ceiling would be good.

I would like new carpets, we've had the same ones since we moved in 9 years ago, no underlay and a (bearable) shade of green. I would also get the kitchen sorted, we had to take the whole thing out a couple of years ago, to get damp proofing done, and it never really went in the same way again. (I would probably get the whole thing extended and reconfigured at this point) and finally, a dream I have always had, to get the decorators in, that would be amazing, not only would it look fab, but it would actually get finished! The only problem with this whole idea is that I don't actually do the lottery! In all the years it's been going I may have bought about 10 tickets, so all of this is just wishful thinking, C x


  1. I'd say wanting to fix up your house is a worthy dream! I hope you're able to meet your goals, even without the lottery. I'm classmate from Blogging for Scrapbookers.

  2. I used to think that getting the house was the point I could tick of achievement of the goal - but now I know, as you do, that it is just the start of a whole new set of goals as things wear out and go wrong and our tastes change. I too dream of being able to get in the decorators