Monday, 23 November 2009

I got an award!!!!!

I had a really lovely surprise today when checking google reader, the lovely Leanne had left this for me!

I've not blogged much this last week, and this has given me a real boost, thanks Leanne!
It comes with a catch, I have to leave 5 random facts about me, and present this award to 5 other bloggers who inspire me. Well here goes:
1. I had my first baby at 17 years old, he's now 21, 6ft tall and has a beard!
2. When pregnant with bubba number 2, I ate bags and bags of tomatoes, he did not come out red!
3. The hubster and I renewed our wedding vows 5 years ago, 'cause I needed a new ring.( not as slim as I used to be!)
4. Have Bad thoughts about Gary Barlow! (don't tell hubster!)
5. Will be 40 next year, sadly :(

I would like to send this award, and throw down the challenge to:
My baby Sister Beki
The amazing Dawn McVey
My brand new friend Kirsty
The very talented Kate
and this superwoman Ruth

This has been fun, and random. I should be doing the ironing....

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  1. Thank you Clare, really means a lot!

    Check this out...