Monday, 2 November 2009

Quality time

Arlington row

Hubby and I are starting to realise that the kids are no longer kids. Wes is 21 and has been fairly independent of us for a few years, but Dan at 15, is becoming inter-dependent too. He does not always want to do what we are doing (unless it involves Starbucks!) and wants to make his own plans. When you have been married for ever, and built your lives around your kids, it's a scary time. What do we have in common other than the boys? What will we talk about? Do we even like each other? (he's alright!) So we've decided we need to find things to do. We set off, with our guide to the Cotswolds, and eventually found ourselves in Bibury. It's a lovely little Village on a river, has a pub/hotel, a shop, a church and a trout farm. You couldn't spend a whole day there, but a couple of hours was good. We took pictures of ducks, a row of old cottages, still lived in, that are owned by the National Trust and the lovely old church. We drove back through Cirencester and Tetbury looking for somewhere to eat (Charles and Camilla weren't at home) and stopped in a lovely little bistro called The Blue Zucchini, I had a Bacon and leek Risotto, and Jon ordered the Seafood risotto, unfortunately a seafood chowder arrived by mistake, but he said it was lovely anyway. Mine was gorgeous, and Jon got 2 free muffins! I would still recommend a visit if your passing through Tetbury! Anyway, hope you like our pictures, have a great Monday!! C x


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous photos! -Sharyn (

  2. the pictures are beautiful. I would love to visit somewhere outside of the states one day. You're post made me a bit anxious as my oldest is 15 tomorrow, and my youngest is 6 . . . and I am now afraid of what happens if I don't remember my husband in about 10 more years. I think I need to hire a babysitter more! waving hi from Shimelle's class . . . ~april

  3. such pretty pictures! You sure are talented!! Lx

  4. Just popping in from Shimelles class to sat hi. loving that row of old cottages.