Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Day 1 Blogging for scrapbookers

My intentions.

Why did I choose to do this class, Blogging for scrapbookers? Having already done 'Home is where the heart is' I knew that Shimelle's classes were brilliant, but this one came along just when I needed it. I have been blogging for a little while, but know I have not really scratched the surface of it's potential as the journal of a scrapbooker. I love the idea that blogging and scrapping are linked, minus the mess and expense.

From the first prompt I was struck by the whole idea of journaling my photo's, and scrapping later. I can upload my photo's within hours of taking them, put my thoughts and feelings down at the same time, and then, when my creative juices start flowing, I can make actual layouts! So inspired!

At this early stage in the course, this is my intention, to develop my journaling skills, to capture the thoughts and feelings around my photos before I forget them, (I have a terrible memory anyway, so this will be a great way of documenting our lives). I am sure that as Shimelle sends more prompts this could change and develop further, but for now this is good.

Even at this point I am feeling really encouraged by some of the others in the class, and the lovely comments they have been leaving, Thanks guys, keep 'em coming!! C x


  1. I think blogging is SUCH a good way to document. Great job, and your background is lovely!

  2. Welcome to Shimelle's class - hope you enjoy it! Great layout :)