Thursday, 2 September 2010

A momentus day.

Am sat at the computer with a strange feeling inside, Dan has just text me from post 16 saying everything is going well and he has a friend in his tutor. Why the strange feeling? It's an unusual situation we find ourselves in, Dan started at this particular school in year 7 and everything started well, a few months in and the bullying started, and became too much. We removed him at the end of year 8 and I home schooled him for a year. He then went on to another school for the last 2 years, and achieved good grades at GCSE. When looking at post 16 courses he announced that he wanted to go back to his old school!!! Well that's where the strange feeling comes in, I have such a mixture of emotions going on, not that I think it will start again, but it's just bought back how hard it all was. He has changed, become stronger and knows that the problem was not with him, but the bully's (there was more than one) lack of self esteem. I just want so much for this to be his fresh start, somewhere where he will blossom and a time when he'll forge new and lasting friendships. Take life by the horns my son, work hard, achieve and stick 2 fingers up to those who thought they could break you . Mum x

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  1. Huge hugs and kisses to you my darling - I'm sitting here on Oli and Con's first day back, with EXACTLY the same feeling! x