Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The end of an era...

Well it's a big week this week in our house, my youngest son, my baby, is leaving compulsory education. Tomorrow is his last day before study leave and then his exams. I won't be sorry to see an end to the 6 o'clock starts, standing on cold bus stops on dark winter mornings, and a tired, miserable teenager at 4 pm!!
Instead he'll be able to roll out of bed and take a 15 minute walk to a new school for post 16, I just hope he's made the right choices academically.
 He's off into town after school tonight with his mates to buy matching jumpers and ties, so they stand out from the crowd on their last day. Well done my boy, we're so proud of you! It's not been an easy time, but you have made it through. XXX

Happy tuesday, C x

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