Sunday, 30 May 2010

Birthday time again...

Happy sunday everyone, I'm happy to say the sun is shining on this my Son's 22nd birthday! Happy birthday Wes, love you bud X It's my Dad's B'day tomorrow, so it's celebration time with the family today. Dad always takes Wes to Castle combe race circuit for his birthday and has done since he was about 3, they love all the noise and smell of burning rubber, Wes got to go in a subaru on his 18th around the track, he was just gutted that he couldn't drive it! Have fun guys xx

Check this out at Ebay, am trying to sell my old bridesmaid dress if anyone is interested?

It's size 10, although I am slightly larger than that, so room for wedding cake!!
It's dark brown satin, from Coast and gorgeous to wear.
Did have trouble breathing on this photo as the sturdy under garments
were cutting of my blood supply!!
Pop over and have a look if you're fancying.
Happy Sunday, hope the sun keeps shining!! C x

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