Thursday, 25 February 2010

A stitch in time...

This is a bag I crocheted with yarn that my MiL bought in New York in 1993! She went off to see some friends who were living out there, while she was away,  I found out I was expecting my youngest ,(who is at this moment sitting his GCSE Art exam!). She was at the time, into wool tapestry and bought huge balls of the stuff, which she came across a few weeks ago in her cellar and gave to me. To itchy to wear, and not really my colour, I set about making a bag to keep my wool in. I am pleased with the result, even tho it's huge and my fingers have calouses! the blue wiggle on top is my first ever attempt at the ripple stitch, this is the start of a blanket, we'll see how that goes!! All this inspired by Lucy at Attic 24, a brilliantly colourful blog, so inspiring you have to check it out!  No laughing now...!

It does ripple...honest. C x


  1. oh your bag looks great!!
    Hope your ripple goes well, I'm really itching to make another ripple blankie, I'm seeing so many gorgeous ones being worked on at the moment its making me feel like I'm missing out!
    Love to you

  2. Gorgeous bag. Well done you!! I am totally jealous - trying to teach myself to crochet but not having much luck. I too am inspired by Attic24 I go there to drool at all that colourful goodness!!! I taught myself to knit using youtube videos but can't seem to do the same wit crochet :(

  3. Its a lovely bag Clare! You are very patient to have crocheted such a big bag! I haven't ever mastered crochet. Well done you!