Monday, 5 October 2009

Rather mooving

Hubby and I drove to an old MoD building, miles away in the middle of the countryside, to indulge his passion of taking photo's of run down old buildings (I don't get it either!) Not really my thing, and I would rather be in bed at stupid o'clock on a sunday morning, but we need to spend more time together. He finds walking through creepy old buildings fascinating, I just find them, well... Creepy! I would rather take a shot to preserve a memory, or tell a story. I did have a go, not great results, and I don't think this hobby is for me. We did however walk past a field of very handsome cattle, and I got some cute shots of them instead. I may not have learned much about photography, but I learned that to give time creates it's own memories.

I was fascinated by seeing the man-made objects in a natural environment, maybe thats my thing?

No, this is not in my house, just looks like it!

Told you it was creepy! (not you babe!)

phew, thats better. We were fascinated by the fact that these chaps followed us all the way around the field, then I remembered I was wearing a bright red coat! Glad there were no horns!!

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