Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Where did the sunshine go?

Having a lazy day at home, Dan has coursework to do, Jon has been on photoshop (now theres a surprise!) and Wes has just rolled out of bed and will be off to work in an hour. Had fun yesterday, both the boys had to be in town for 12, both important appointments, and the car wouldn't start! Ran down to MIL's house to borrow her car (on hols) and hers wouldn't start!! Was panicking slightly at this point, when at last it started. Everybody got to where they needed to be with 5 mins to spare. I pottered around Cabot circus waiting for them, walking back to the car I thought I had a stone in my shoe(high heels, I never where them!) and it turned out to be a blister under my toe, just about finished me off! Decided we were going to have take away to cheer me up! Anyway, been having some fun, with my craft robo and thanks to Kristina Werner's inspiring blog, and made this card from the Make a card Monday video on you tube. C u soon C x

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  1. Hi Clare, I love your card. And thanks for visiting my blog. The butterfly on my card comes ready cut on a 12x12 sheet from K&Co. You can find it at 2Ps here: