Thursday, 23 April 2009

1st Anniversary...

Well, what a year its been! It took a long time to persuade hubby that we should have a dog, so after broaching the subject with him, I thought it best to leave it alone as he was adamant it would not happen! After a couple of weeks, he'd had time to think, he said we should look to adopt from our local rescue centre! Well, we looked for 6 weeks, for a medium sized, placid, house trained dog... but we found Stella instead!! Her name was Poppy, she was barking her head off, and jumping around like a nutter! But we loved her and knew we wanted to take her home. She was a gift for Wes's birthday, and he was over the moon. Well a year on, it's been hard work training her, she still has a way to go (like not chasing cars!), but she has got us out of the house, going on lovely walks to places we didn't even know were on our doorstep, and making us laugh all the time. Wes has just started studying for a diploma in dog behaviour and wants to become the British Dog Whisperer! (hail Cesar Milan!). In honour of this I have made a book to send to the dogs home, to thank them, and to let them know how she is doing. I made the book using Kristina Werner's Digital cutting kit, Card shapes, and made a waterfall style book with them, and then used journaling shapes 1 to add text. I also used her card frames and sentiments brushes, and added some other digi brushes to them. There are quite a few pic's, hope you enjoy, C x

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